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The Witcher Ending: If You have watched the new web series The Witcher then you will love the character of Yennifer short for Yen. It is Streaming on Netflix in 2019 Starring Henry Cavill, Freya Allan, Eamon Farren, Anya Chalotra.

Anya Chalotra has portrays the character of the Yennifer and Henry Cavill as the Geralt or the Witcher.

She has got to realize her real power by Tissaia and teach all of them including Yennefer, to get control over the powers they have and to mobilize the true self to save from the unwanted enemies.

Everyone has loved her new appearance how she has adopted her new look and utilize her magic and control her power.

She is a confident and powerful individual and has spent her life on her terms and wanted to help people and serve with medicine.

At the end of Episode 8 of Season One, they got attacked by the Nilfgaardian with special powers and they have to stop them from Nilfgaardian attacking further west.

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The plot of The Witcher Season 1

Yennefer and the army of mages fortify the vital keep of Sodden Hill, intending to forestall Nilfgaardian powers from attacking the remainder of the Northern Kingdoms.

Having gotten away from Cintra and looked for Ciri, the young lady who is his predetermination, Geralt experiences a shipper covering the collections of dead outcasts.

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He safeguards the man from undead beasts, yet is injured and passes out. Ciri is stirred by the lady she met before and finds the dead assortments of her harassers around her, murdered in frightful ways.

The lady takes her to her ranch. The Nilfgaardians dispatch their assault, with the two sides using wizardry and incurring hefty setbacks on one another.

Tissaia endeavors to talk down Fringilla, however Fringilla incapacitates her. Vilgefortz battles Cahir, however, loses and is tossed down a slope.

Geralt wakes to end up on the shipper’s truck on the way to the man’s ranch. At the point when Vilgefortz awakens, he murders a Northern alchemist, uncovering himself to be a turncoat.

At the point when Nilfgaardian troopers start to overwhelm the fortress, Yennefer channels a huge stream of fire, at that point apparently vanishes.

In his woozy state, Geralt dreams about his mom Visenna, who deserted him as a youngster with the goal for him to be made into a witcher.

He later shows up at a similar homestead, and after hearing the lady converse with the man about Ciri, heads into the backwoods.

Seeing a dream of Geralt, Ciri awakens and meanders into the backwoods, where she and Geralt at last meet and embrace one another. She at that point asks Geralt who Yennefer is.

The Battle with Nilfgaardian

They stopped at a fortress with limited army of 22 people but Nilfgaardian have thousands of the army.

Since they have a city where Nilfgaardians will have to cross in order to attack further west.

Nilfgaardians have come from the mountains to destroy the world. Nilfgaardians have Frangilla who has also the magical power and she is with the thousands of soldiers and has others that have their special abilities.

In the End, Nilfgaardians are at the door and everyone other is not able to help to tackle the army. She knows how much pain and fire she got inside her and destroy everything the came inside her way with her hands.

Like a dragon spit fire from his mouth, she threw fire from her hands and vanished into the thin air.

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Does Yennefier die at the End of Witcher?

Though the series does not show anything about The Witcher ending information because it is ended with this suspense of is she really alive.

But in my personal opinion, she has not died yet and she has a special connection with the show and we will be able to see her in the upcoming seasons of the witcher with some plot twist.

In my opinion, she has teleported herself to some other location like she has done in the previous episode, when she feels helpless she teleports herself to other places.

And we cannot assume that she has vanished just like that because if she is really dead there is something we can assume out of it, but they’re no official clue about it.

In the end when Cirila asks Geralt about who is yennifer and that scene might lead Geralt to lead to the Yennifer in the next season.

Hopefully Yennefer is not dead in The Witcher ending the season 1 and we would be able to watch her in the show.

The Witcher season 2 is Scheduled to be released in the 2021. and you can watch this series in Netflix.

What do you think what will happen in the season 2 comment down below. if you want to read about season 2 of The Witcher read this.

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