‘Avatar and EndGame’ are in the race of being on top of the box office

Avatar and EndGame movies have been on fire since the news of Avatar beating the box office collection of End Game. It was a great movement for both Avatar fans and the team behind the movie.

When Avatar first debuted in December 2009, the movie made almost $2.789 billion at the worldwide box office. Avatar then break the record of Titanic and was successful to make its name on the list of top Box office collection movies.

The movie Avatar was unbeatable on the box office until the movie End Game was released in 2019. In July 2019, Endgame overtook Avatar.

Endgame was MCU’s most awaited movie. The movie was a climactic film event 11 years in the making. And the movie was highly expected to make an enormous splash at the box office. While some were surprised by its total earnings.

Endgame vs Avatar box office

Movie avatar earned nearly $2.798 billion in the box office which was the most successful movie by James Cameron. Talking about the End Game the movie was released in 2019.

The end game is based on the Marvel Comics superhero team the Avengers. The movie End game was able to break the previous box office collection record of Avatar by earning $2.798 billion worldwide.

‘Avatar’ reclaims top spot on Box Office after China re-release

With only one weekend in the re-release stage throughout China, Avatar earned another $8.9 million. Thanks to the Chinese fans who brought Avatar’s overall earnings to $2.798 billion. It’s just a million over Endgame’s record. The movie of course will be increasing the difference as the movie continuous to play in China.

The ongoing rivalry between Avatar and End Game

The ongoing rivalry between Avatar and Marvel’s End game is still a hot topic on the internet. Many celebrities are congratulating the cast and crew of Avatar for reclaiming the title from the MCU.

It’s very suspicious news that the MCU will attempt to take the spot again. But the Marvel fans are very positive that Marvel Studios will attempt to take a shot at getting back that top spot based on the franchise’s focus.

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