What To Expect From The Batman (2022)

As we all know DC’s new movie ‘The Batman(2022)’ is releasing on 4th March worldwide. Many fans are crazy about ‘The Batman’.

About “The Batman – 2022

The Batman’ is the first DC movie of 2022. According to sources and studios, this movie does not follow the continuity of old Batman movies and DC Extended Universe movies.

This movie is set in another alternate timeline. We are getting some famous batman villains ‘Riddler and Penguin’ in this movie from DC comics.

In this movie, Robert Pattinson is cast as batman, Zoe Kravitz as Selina Kyle aka Catwoman, Paul Dano as Riddler, Colin Farrell as Penguin.

Many fans across the world are very much excited to watch Robert Pattinson as Batman also on another hand so many fans do not seem very happy regarding the casting.

There also will be Kravitz as Selina Kyle aka Catwoman in this movie.

Probably, the movie explores weird but romantic interrogations between Selina & Batman. The movie is going to be 2 hours 55 minutes long and according to sources has no post-credit scenes.

Ratings & Early Reviews

The trailers of the movie are a little darker or more violent in so many parts although the movie got a PG-13 rating. It means if your age is above 13 you can easily watch this movie with parental guidance.

Talking about early reviews from early screenings for critics, crews, most of the reviews are positive about the movie. Most of the critics liked it well.

Possible Plot

This movie’s director Matt Reeves said that the movie didn’t contain the origin of batman because the origin story of Batman has already been explored in many previous movies and series.

Most probably, they show some tragic parts of this batman’s history using flashbacks.

It is possible, Riddler commits many crimes in Gotham City and left some clues or riddles every time and batman has to solve them to catch Riddler.

During this period he also meets Catwoman and does some work together. When finally batman gets Riddler, most probably batman kills him.

As we’ve seen in the trailers, batman is actually so brutal and if we note his dialogues they are contradicting no killing rule of old batmans.

After killing Riddler there will rise the joker as well. Because we barely imagine batman without joker.

Many sources rumored that Barry Keoghan is in this movie and most probably he will play Joker’s role.

Yes, there is the possibility that would be the basic story of the movie.

What To Expect From ‘The Batman’

Most importantly, what is the movie offering to us? What’s new we can see there? What is the thing that makes us go to theaters?

So, we’ve seen the trailers, and according to it, we can say this movie is not going to be the usual one.

If they executed all things well, this movie has the potential to serve fans & make a big box office collection.

The movie is dark and violent so we can expect good combat between a lot of characters.

Not only action, but riddles of the riddler also make the movie really mysterious. Also, the interaction between Batman & Selena will potentially be entertaining.

Robert Pattinson nailed his role in trailers we can expect him to be better in the movie.

WB is the biggest production company in the world, there won’t be any compromises in CGs, VFX.

Overall, the film looks very good due to its action, visuals, actors, drama, mystery, and many other aspects.


We hope ‘The Batman’ is gonna be amazing. This movie is opening in DC Movies this year.

The movie is coming on the 4th of March at your nearby theaters. Make sure to watch it on the big screen. See ya in the theater.

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