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Chadwick Boseman’s 42 Movie: 42 is an American Sports movie released on April 12, 2013, about the Biography of a baseball player Jackie Robinson directed by Brian Helgeland.

The movie is produced by Thomas Tull, Written by Brian Helgeland distributed by Warner Bros picture.

Jackie Robinson is the first American baseball player representing the black community to play in Major League Baseball (MLB).

The film stars the late Chadwick Boseman as Jackie Robinson, Harrison Ford, Nichole Beharie, and others in supporting roles.

The title of movie represents the jersey Number of Jackie Robinson in The Major League Baseball.

The cast of 42 Movie:

Name                    Cast
Chandwick BosemanJackie Robinson
Harrison FordBranch Rickey  
Andre HollandWendell Smith
Christopher MeloniLeo Durocher
John C. McGinleyRed Barber
Toby HussClyde Sukeforth
Lucas BlackPee Wee Reese
Alan TudykBen Chapman
Nicole BehaireRachel Isum Robinson
C. J. NitkowskiDutch Leonard
Brett CullenClay Hopper
Gino AnthonyJoe Garagiola Sr.
Ryan MerrimanDixie Walker
T. R. KnightHarold Parrott
Hamish LinklaterRalph Branca
Brad BeyerKirby Higbe
Jesse LukenEddie Stanky
Max GailBurt Shatton
Jesse LukenEddie Stanky
Max GailBurt Shotton
Peter MacKenzieHappy Chandler
Linc HandFritz Osternuller
Jeremy Ray TaylorBoy
James Pickens JrMr. Brock
Dusan BrownEd Charles

Budget and Box office collection of 42:

The budget of the movie 42 is Around 40 million dollars and box office collection is around 97.5 million dollars.

Critics review:

The critic’s review is generally positive about the movie gets a lot of appreciation to Chadwick Boseman for the Role of Jackie Robinson Though the movie gets some criticism because of some historical inaccuracy.

The movie approved with the 192 reviews with the 80% rating and average rating of 6.88/10.

The 42 is an inspiration story of Jackie who has never stopped his carrier in spite of thousands difficulties in his life.

What is the plot of 42?

The movie shows the story of Jackie Robinson an excellent baseball player who has not selected in any team because of extreme racism.

Brooklyn Dodgers is a baseball club owned by Branch Rickey who considers Jackie for playing in his team. He has been offered a good amount per month which he eventually accepts.

The movie also shows the love of his life his wife which he later marries and has children. He has another well-wisher Wendell Smith a sportswriter.

There is only one condition for him that is he has to control his temper to play around these other white people.

The Condition of Racism is extreme in that era where black people are not allowed to do anything that affects the whites or they are not treated as human beings.

The black people not allowed to go to the same hotel from the same door or there are separate bathrooms for the black and separate rooms for the white people. Eventually, the white is rich and wealthy, and the black are poor and innocent.

In such situations, Jackie has to play baseball with a team that is completely not supportive and at the start, the white police also tried to stop him from playing.

When they started to Practice for the training many of the team members has signed the petition refusing to play with Jackie but the team manager Leo Durocher does not give up the hope on the team and insisted that Jackie will play in the game.

Sooner the manager Leo is suspended by the commissioner of baseball Happy chandler. And Brooklyn Dodgers have to continue the season without the manager later the new manager Burt Shotton has appointed as a new manager.

Jackie has a good friend in the team a white guy Rickey which help to encourage the game against the Philadelphia Phillies. In that game, Jackie scores the winning run. The manager of the opponent team Ben Champman is taunting him for being black and telling him to go where he belongs and pressure from the crowd just being the black guy.

For this behavior of the Ben he has to pose for the Jackie in the newspaper and as apology.

Robin’s teammate has also encouraged him to play in the ground and they stand with him and stand before the crowd as a sign of solidarity.

Robinson takes his team to the World Series and eventually loses to New York Yankees.

Summary of Chadwick Boseman’s 42 Movie:

The movie is truly amazing starring Chandwick Boseman he was a such a gem and we have to lose him in his early life.

The movie shows the struggle made by a player to represent his team and to play in the MBL. Being the first black to became to play MBL he encourages other players to do so. He was a hero and role model for every citizen.

A person must be self-encouraging to be in such extreme situation and still play for his and lead them to win.

He is one of the reasons to challenge racism and equalize the differentiation between black and white people.

If you are searching for a movie that is truly inspiring Chadwick Boseman’s 42 movie is the one who will definitely the one.

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