David Fincher’s Action Thriller Seven (Se7en) Movie

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David Finchers action thriller Seven (Se7en) Movie : Seven Movie Stylized as Se7en is a crime and action thriller Directed by David Fincher. David is an American who is also known for his act in the psychological action thriller.

The movie shows the psychological stage of the villain of the movie Kelvin Spacey and his belief in the seven deadly sins as the motive of his crimes.

David Finchers action thriller Seven collects the story of a new police officer and the story of a psycho serial killer that beliefs in the seven sins that made the story very interesting.


The Running time of the movie Seven is 127 minutes and released in the United States in Language English with a Budget of $33 million. The Box office collection is $327.3 million.

The movie does an excellent job at the box office with nearly 100 times more collection from the box office.

When did the movie Seven released?

The movie Seven is Released on September 15, 1995 (Alice Tully Hall) and September 22, 1995 (United States) the movie has a big hit and a new psychological crime in the movie industry the movie shows the belief in the seven deadly sins the Serial killer believes.

What are the seven deadly sins?

The Seven Deadly sins are practices in the Roman culture and are followed in the Christian culture although this is not mentioned in the Bible.

Seven Deadly sins are Roman belief sins that inspire others to do other sins.

The seven Deadly sins are:

  1. vainglory, or pride
  2. greed, or covetousness,
  3. lust, or inordinate or illicit sexual desire
  4. envy
  5. gluttony, which is usually understood to include drunkenness
  6. wrath, or anger
  7. sloth or laziness

Plot of the movie

The movie shows the story of police and a psycho killer who is killing people according to these 7 sins and a soon to retire detective William Somerset man and the newly appointed David Mills is investigating the case of the murder.

The Somerset and mills became close friends and started to investigate the case that they find the bodies and the signs about the murder and they, later on, realize that the killer is motivated by these sins.

They finally are able to track the guy John Doe but he eventually escaped by not killing David when he has a chance to kill the detective. Later on, he confessed about the all other killings with blood in his hand and takes them to the other two murder telling them they will never discover the other two bodies if they do not take him to that place.

Doe takes them to the deserted location and they have done their homework for backups and within a few minutes they found a van coming towards them and he delivers a box to the Somerset.

The box has Mill’s pregnant wife’s head. Doe started to taunt Mills and in anger about killing her wife and eventually shot him.

Doe has completed the other five sins and leaving two sins including envy and Wrath. Doe tells that he was envy and by shooting the Doe Mills has completed his cycle of seven sins.

The cast of Seven movie:

Brad PittDetective David Mills
Morgan FreemanDetective Lieutenant William Somerset
Gwyneth PaltrowTracy Mills
Kevin SpaceyJohn Doe
R. Lee ErmeyPolice Captain
Richard RoundtreeDistrict Attorney Martin Talbot
Richard Schiff Mark Swarr
Mark Boone JuniorGreasy FBI Man
Michael Massee Man in Massage Parlour Booth
Leland OrserCrazed Man in Massage Parlour
Julie AraskogMrs. Gould
John C. McGinleySWAT team leader California
Hawthorne James Library night guard George
Cast of SEVEN

Awards won by Seven movies:

The Movie Has won Six awards in the different categories including the Best movie. Brad Pitt Is the most desirable man. Kevin Spacey won the Best Villain award. Andrew Kevin Walker Won the Best Writing award. Jean Ann black, Rob Bottin won Best Make-Up. Richard Duarte Won Best Foley Mixing award and had multiple nominations.


I personally love the story and the thriller of the movie seven. If you like movies thriller movies you should definitely watch this movie that has a lot of emotions related that we fell in our daily life.

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