Websites to download movies for free

Websites to download movies

Download movies and series for free: There are plenty of websites that will allow you to download the movies of your choice. There are even websites that will allow you to watch online latest movies as well as download the latest movies.

Though these websites will allow you to watch and download free latest movies. There might be some things you should know about these sites. These websites are not the original content providers however they upload the movies to their servers and so that they can push ads to the websites and can gain some earning from them.

Before downloading from these websites please go through these notes.


  • We certainly do not encourage the violation of the piracy act and recommend you to watch the movies from the original providers of the movies.
  • These websites might redirect you many times as they have their mechanism of ads and revenue generation. These websites might push you to some inconvenient ads.
  • These websites might store your cookies and push you some notifications.
  • Do not download third-party applications to download the movies as they suggest, as they can cause your device some harm.
  • Although they might redirect you too many times but eventually they will give you the movies you desired.
  • We are not responsible for the piracy act and the illegal use of the websites of these websites are restricted in your territory.
  • We should be responsible and give respect to all artist and not use third-party applications and source to use to watch the movies unless they are free to watch.
  • Some of this websites might not be available to use in your particular regions.
  • We do not promote illegal use of movies and web series.

Although there are some sites that will provide you movies that are free and they will upload to make you ease and watch whenever you are interested to watch the movies.

These websites will only help you to deliver the movies and web series you want to watch at the time of your convenience.

So let’s get started.


Moviescounter is an online platform for watching and also allows you to watch the movies easily. This website will provide you with the latest and old movies with a variety of qualities.

If your movie is in the search list then you can surly get to download that movie.

This website also provides movies according to your regions as well and provides verity of the web series as you need.

This website also provides an option of the movies on Request feature. Where you can get movies and series on the request just by commenting on the website.

Website of MoviesCounter
Website of MoviesCounter

2. is a top video streaming platform that provides full-length movie and web series as it is a joint venture of Chicken soup for soul Entertainment and Sony Pictures Television.

This might not be available in most of the countries.


The Popcornflix is also an efficient platform with minimum advertisement and also provide detail about the movies.

The website basically provide three section of Movies, TV series and list of the viral ads.

Website of popcornflix
Website of popcornflix


Aha is also an amazing website that will provide you movies especially if you are into Tamil and Telugu movies (Movies of India).

This is a good platform but there most of movies which are for VIP users and some you can enjoy in the free of cost.

Website of aha
Website of aha

5. will provide you with most of the Web series and movies for free without much of the hassle and headache.

Though definitely, this movie will provide pop-ups and redirects you should definitely use this site for the latest movies and the Web series or TV series.

This site might lead you to some unknown other websites don’t bother to go there you might close other tabs.

Moreover, this site will provide other details about the movies like release date, Genres of the movie, some of the cast members, duration of the movie, etc.

Website of MoviesJoy
Website of MoviesJoy

6. is also a good website to download the movie for free. This site will let you download the movie of choice and this site might need some VPN to download the movie.

Website of
Website of

7. MX player

Mx player is an app and website that will provide free movies and some Indian web series for free or for some of the movies you might just have to sign in to the MX player’s website.

This is a 100 percent trusted website and will provide you a good quality movie including other movies besides country India and movies of China, American movies are available.

This website is authentic and provide most of its own series so we do not have to worry about the piracy and other things.

Website of MX player
Website of MX player

8. Arre

Arre is also an Indian web series platform that will provide you Indian viral content about its original content and its original web series.

Website of Arre
Website of Arre


VUDU is also an interesting website that provide movies at also reasonable prices if you are also a quality sensitive person and wants more quality person so this websites also provide movies in reasonable price and some of them are free with ads.

This website does not provide platform for mobile users and especially targeted to the residents of United states.

Website of Vudu
Website of VUDU


Nymeria is also a good website for you if you are web series fan and you have trouble in downloading the movies from different websites then this website is perfect for you.

Although this website might not be secure but it prove most of the movies and series you want and you can both watch and download them at free.

Website of NymeriaTV
Website of NymeriaTV

So for now these are websites that will provide you to download movies and web series for free. In the future, we will update more sites that will allow you to download movies for free. Subscribe to us for new content.

If you have any other websites fell free to comment down we will appreciate your views.

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