Everything new about “The Suicide Squad 2021”

Sucide Squad poster

Suicide Squad 2: With new amazing Plot.

The suicide squad is an American Superhero movie based on DC comic, Starring Will Smith and Margot Elise Robbie in 2017 and Box office collection of $746.8 million internationally.

Finally, the sequel of the most waited Suicide Squad is bringing up in 2021. The release date has been confirmed in the month of August for different dates with the new cast and crew.

The movie is directed by James Gunn and the story is written by James Gunn and the comic book is written by John Ostrander.

The Suicide Squad has decided to start his new plot with different themes and with the new task X Force. Though there is no confirmation about the storyline and other details about the movie and themes.

The show has no longer decided to carry Will Smith in its crew. But our Own Harley Queen, Margot Robbie is in the part two as well.

suicide squad poster
suicide squad poster

Producers of Suicide Squad 2:

  • Simon Hatt and Lars P. Winther a co-producer
  • Nikolas Korda  as executive producer
  • Charles Roven and Peter Safran as producer

Cast and Crew Suicide Squad 2:

Margot RobbieHarley Quinn
Taika Waititi  
Joel KinnamanRick Flag
Idris ElbaBloodsport
Mikaela HooverCamila
Michael RookerSavant
Nathan FillionT.D.K.
Alice BragaSolSoria
Jai CourtneyCaptain Boomerang
Viola DavisAmanda Waller
Pete Davidson Blackguard
John CenaPeacemaker
Sean GunnWeasel
David DastmalchianPolka-Dot Man
Storm ReidTyla

Music of Suicide Squad 2 by:

  • John Murphy    

Cinematography of Suicide Squad 2 by:

  • Henry Braham  

Film Editing by

  • Fred Raskin        

Production Design by

  • Beth Mickle       

Art Direction by

  • Lauren Abiouness
  • Lorin Flemming
  • Brittany Hites
  • Alan Hook   as   supervising art director
  • Alex McCarroll
  • Drew Monahan
  • María Fernanda
  • Muñoz Jay Pelissier
  • Domenic Silvestri            

Set Decoration by

  • Lisa K. Sessions

Costume Design by

  • Judianna Makovsky

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