Is Mazikeen leaving the show Lucifer?

Mazikeen and Lucifer

Mazikeen Smith or Maze is the fictional character that is portrayed in the series Lucifer. Mazikeen is a demon, casted for the hell who is torturing the culprits. She is also the leader of the Lilim a race that is descended from Lilith. The Mazikeen is also meaning to the “harmful spirits”.

The maze is also a brave war leader and in the DC comic book. She is the devoted partner and lover of Lucifer Morningstar.

In the Lucifer series, she plays the role of a brave and beautiful lady while she was on the earth. According to the show Demons doesn’t have souls.

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Profession of

Mazikeen Smith is the great war leader and the leader of the demons in hell. Demons follow her order or the entire controller of the demons even if they appeared on the earth.

After sometimes in the show out of boredom, she has joined the LAPD (Los Angeles Police Department ) as a bounty hunter.

She is a great fighter she carries her blade that is not made from the iron from the earth so they can not be healed from earth materials.

Lucifer has also cut his wings from her blades. She is nearly unbeatable from the humans and the Angels.

Mazikeen real face

While coming on the earth she has acquired a beautiful body of a girl who is recently dead. But in comic book and the show Lucifer, her real face has been shown.

She has shown her real face to Trixie daughter of Chloe at the time of Halloween and Trixie unknowingly loved her face.

Mazikeen real face
Mazikeen real face

Mazikeen’s real face is half Human and half skeleton as described in the comic books according to Norse mythology.

Why Mazikeen followed Lucifer to Earth?

Lucifer once decided to leave Hell and come to earth she has also decided to follow her master even after denial of Lucifer.

Then Mazikeen and Lucifer both continue to live on the earth and continue working in LUX.

She is always the protector of the Lucifer Morningstar. While she is on the earth she has helped Lucifer in the LUX a nightclub owned by Lucifer in Los Angeles.

Is Mazikeen Leaving the show?

In her recent post about the show she captioned “Last Mazikeen and Lucifer scene….ever. All the feels. 😢”.

She has sends last goodbye to the devil himself from her Instagram handle.

This might be sad news for all the lucifer fans since everyone loves the character of brave Maze. With all the things being said we can definitely we see her in the next season which is coming soon on Netflix.

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