Why Lucifer web series is the most-watched series on Netflix?

Lucifer Season 5 part 2

Lucifer web series: In the beginning, the angel Lucifer was cast out of Heaven and condemned to rule Hell for all eternity. Until he decided to take a vacation.

The story starts in Los Angeles in 2016 with beautiful music in the background. Lucifer web series is immensely fun to begin with.

Lucifer web series

Storyline of Lucifer

The king of Hell Lucifer aka Samael is in Los Angeles to start his vacation and rebel against his father ‘god’ the creator of all universe. He has been sent to Hell to rule there for all eternity.

Being the son of god and an angle this is unacceptable to the Hell king Lucifer to be cast out of the silver city as the house of gods.

He rules hell for millennia and suddenly takes a vacation and landed in Los Angeles with the name of Lucifer Morningstar and owns the nightclub named LUX with Demon friend Maizeeken.

Now the devil himself walks on the earth. He can draw the desire of the human being as it is his superpower. And he is destined to meet the detective Chloe Decker.

The story begins with solving the murder case of his friend. The character is funny in its way that he denies the human rules.

Now being in Los Angeles he has a wonderful life when he gets connected with Detective Decker. Now he gets the idea of punishing the criminals.

The Story of the devil and human falling in love is another level of love story plotted by the writer. Chloe falling in love and being jealous when Lucifer is with other girls is another level of thrill to watch in the love story crime drama series.

Lucifer falling in love and die to save her is a live example of a dying for love kind of situation. Chloe has no idea that Lucifer has done so many sacrifices for her.

And Sometimes Lucifer does want to admit he truly loves Decker is fun to watch. The innocent annoying habits of the devil has impressed the decker and made her fall for Lucifer.

Each season we get some new characters and which bring a plot twist to the story. The sisters and brothers of Lucifer plays important role in the story even they have given low importance in the season.

The Lucifer web series has 5 Seasons Till now and the sixth season on the steak. Though the released date is not finalized by any sources till Oct 2020.

Lucifer cast

The cast of Lucifer web Series:

Tom EllisLucifer Morningstar
Lauren GermanDetective Chole Decker
Lesley-Ann BrandtMazikeen
Kevin AlejandroDective Danial Espinoza
D.B. WoodsideAmenadiel (Angel Lucifer’s brother)
Rachel HarrisLinda Martin (Therapist)
Aimee GarciaElla Lopez (as the forensic expert)
Scarlett EstevezTrixie (Daughter of Chloe and Dan)
Tricia HelferCharlotte Richards (Criminal lawer)
Tom WellingMarcus Pierce (Leitunaint/Cain from the bible)
Inbar LaviEve (Eve from the bible mother of all humanity)
Kevin Rankindetective Malcolm Graham
Cast overview of the Lucifer Web-Series.

The fascinating character of Lucifer Morningstar:

The Beauty of show Lucifer is entirely popular about the character Lucifer. The character has immense support from its fan.

The portrait of the character is done brilliantly and the dressing pattern for the character made falling in love with the character. The rich lifestyle in a LA with beautiful girls floating around him makes him special.

Tom Ellis has brilliantly portrait the character and the chemistry between the two leading character makes it more fun to watch.

Is Chole Decker an Angel?

There are no facts that will conclude Chloe becoming an angel. She is blessed by the god so she is immune to Lucifer’s magic Mojo.

She has no direct angelic powers specifically dedicated but as we can see in Season 5 she can inherit some powers from Lucifer (no spoilers).

What is the outcome of the story?

People are blaming others for the responsibility for the outcome of our deeds but the story realizes.

Though God has created us he has given a life which we can spend without the others control .

Though there is the demonstration of some actions ultimately the negative thought, as well as positive thoughts, are filled in every living creature the use of this thought will lead them to their ultimate destiny.

The story of positivity and negativity is represented by the  Character Lucifer Whenever he feels guilt he blames god for doing it.

But he does not realize it’s his actions that have caused his changes in his physical behaviors Like growing of wings, vanishing of the devil face. As we believe it’s not in our hands to do something but still there is very we can do by ourselves.

Where some character believes that the hell and heaven are both here the karma will act as our destiny the evil and good people have to deal with their actions in this world which is a thing we cannot disagree upon.

This series brings self-actualization of one’s belief in the god and ultimately they get what they deserve according to their deeds.

My personal experience: Amazing, Recommendation: [highly recommended]

If you are a true fan of web series this is the most recommended web series for you to grab some popcorns and let’s get started.

Once you start this series there is no returning from it. If you are wondering if it is the best show for Binge. I would recommend you to watch this show you are going to love this show. Watch it now on Netflix.

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