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Ludo Movie: There are some movies which are extremely fun to watch and Ludo is one of them. The stories of people and their actions related yet strangers.

Different stories and their presence at that time affects the other people at the same time.

This main theme connects the movie entirely.

The movie is a mix of the story of people like they cross their path. Like in the Ludo to win the game by crossing their life. Endangering their life by going ahead yet wanting to play it safe.

Ludo is unlimited fun version directed and screenplay by Anurag Basu and streaming in Netflix.

Release date: April 24, 2020 (India)

Release date: 12 November 2020

Running time: 150 minutes

Country: India

Language: Hindi

The cast of Ludo Movie:

Aditya Roy KapurAkash Sharma
Rajkumar RaoKabir Sagar
Pankaj TripathiRahul Satyendra aka Sattu Bhayia
Abhishek BachchanBatukeshwar Tiwar aka Bittu Bhayia
 Sanya Malhotra Ahana Mathur
 Asha NegiAsha 
 Rohit Suresh Saraf Rahul Awasthi
Pearle MaaneySheeja Thomas
Fatima Sana ShaikhArushi Mathur
Bhanu UdayBhanu
Ishtiyak KhanInspector Sukumar Sinha
Cast of Ludo

The Story of Ludo shows you the story of our own life with the eyes of other people and how we survive and our own existence in the world is interrelated with other people.

Our life is independent, our choice is solely ours, we do what we decide to do yet we met in those states where life connects us with other people and their actions also influence us to do other things that we do not have the controls.

Like there are four dimensions in the Ludo the movie represents the situations of four vital players in the life of the Ludo game.

The Yellow player

The Yellow section represents the story of the two modern couples that are purely bonded in the physical relationship at the start whatever be the circumstances they have a physical relationship and accidentally released the sex tape and both entirely went to fix their situations.

This section represents the situation of Aditya Roy Kapor (Akash) and Sanya Malhotra and their relationship and how they get connected in this game.

The movie represents the story of Akash as a very optimistic person in life and a very calm and chill personality in the movies and after watching the movie you will definitely love the chemistry between these both players of the ludo.

The Red Player

The Red part represents the story of the former gangster who used to work for Sattu bhayia but left the Gang because of the love as red represents love and anger.

Ludo Movie
Bittu Bhayia from Ludo

The Story of red is the story of the Bittu bhayia who looks like a gangster but has a heart of pure gold. His story connects in the game to help to achieve a girl their parents love and want to get her own daughter back.

The Green Player

The Green story represents the story of a true lover who has dedicated to helping the girl of his life pinky the love of his childhood.

The green has a tragedy of love as he has to support his girl married to other guy who is cheating with other girl.

Ludo Movie
Raj kumar Rao from Ludo

No matter how much the story is triangle he is dedicated to helping her anyway and by helping her, he entered the game of Ludo. As they say “life is Ludo and Ludo is Life.”

We can see Raj Kumar Rao’s extreme performance skills in the movie as we already know his performance skills and the level of acting skills in other movies but he has given extra skills in this movie.

The Blue Player

The blue represents the story of two young innocent people crushed by life and the boundaries of their responsibilities and let down by their life.

Their life decision and responsibility enter them in the game and represent them as blue players and their actions are the rolling of their dices.

The Blue story represents the two young and wild stories of Akash and Ahana The boy works at the supermarket and the girl at the hospital as a nurse.

What is the role of Pankaj Tripathi in the Movie Ludo?

The Multitalented actor Pankaj Tripathi has used his skills at the master level. He can act in any situation as we have seen him playing every role as in this movie we will also see him as a gangster Sattu Bhayia.

The Sattu Bhayia is the kingmaker and the man who connects all players in the game of Ludo. He has somehow connected the whole story in the movie and represents the funny gangster and invincible as he does not die whatever happens in life he survives everything in life.

Ludo Movie
Pankaj Tripathi From Ludo

The actions of Sattu bhayia affects these other players the game.

Theme of the Ludo movie:

Ludo’s movie represents the story of different people and their actions, how they can affect the lives of other people, and what is the sin and virtue in life? What defines our sins?

Whether we will end up in heaven or we will be thrown in hell. The story represents the viewpoint of other people that will define their fate.

The movie has been shown in the eye of ‘Yamraj’ lord of death and ‘Chitra Gupta’ messenger of death. How things will happen the way they are happening.

The Great part of the movie

The good movies like Ludo should be definitely appraised. There are some factors that are very effectively implemented in the movie.

  • The brilliant performance of the actors in the movie especially the acting skills of the Raj Kumar Rao and Abhishek Bachan’s are appreciated in the movie. They have given their 100% in this movie.
  • The Character of Akash is very much fascinating and represents the story of every youth at this time.
  • The pure love story shown in the movie.
  • The songs of the movie are absolutely outstanding especially the old Bollywood song has made an impression in the movie.
  • Story represents how parents are working for their children’s future neglecting their present.
  •  The pure love of a Father who is separated from her daughter is absolutely outstanding and heartwarming.

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