Raya and The Last Dragon: Story of an Asian Princess

raya and the last dragon

“Raya and The Last Dragon” is a Disney princess movie that is released on March 03, 2021. Through this movie, Disney has introduced its first south Asian princess Raya.

The story of Raya and the Last Dragon has included South Asian culture. It is very big for Asian viewers as they will be able to relate themselves.

The story is about a little girl (princess Raya) who wants to fulfill the dream of her father of uniting the divided kingdoms and fighting against the devil. During this process, she meets new friends, faces many difficulties, learned many life lessons.

Beginning of the Raya’s Journey

“Raya and The Last Dragon” begins with the introduction of the beautiful fictional world of Kumandra. It used to be a beautiful and peaceful place until the Druuns(evil spirits that petrify people and multiply after absorbing their life)arrived.

The dragon of Kumandra used their magic to create an orb(magical gem) and make the Druuns vanish but it turned itself into a stone. Though the Druuns get vanished, the Kumandra is divided into five tribes: Fang, Heart, Spine, Talon, and Tail.

After a gap of a certain time, we can see Chief Benjamin training his daughter Raya in order to protect an orb that is kept safe in their land Heart.

The dream of Chief Benjamin was to unite the five tribes to Kumandra, he invited the people from all tribes. On that occasion, Raya meets the Namari princess of  Fang, but later on, it turned out that Namari tricked Raya to steal the orb.

Instead, in the heat of the moment, the gem breaks, and each kingdom manages to grab a piece. This made a Druuns wake up again and overtake the Heart again and it turned Raya’s father to stone.

So, Raya goes in search of Sisu, the last dragon to vanish the Druuns and bring everyone to life.

After six years she finally finds Sisu and heads towards all other tribes to collect the pieces of the orb.

During these process, she faces a lot of struggle, but also meet a good friend from each of the tribe. They helped her to collect the broken pieces. Also, Raya was able to trust and believe in a friendship.

Real Life Values Shown in Movie

Therefore, the first thing this movie “Raya and the Last Dragon” has shown is you have to trust one another for doing or completing a thing.

It has clearly shown the importance of trust, love, and friendship. With all these things, Raya was able to collect all the pieces and make Kumandra again.

Another thing it has mentioned is that women are stronger and fierce through Raya and Namari. Disney’s choice to pivot away from the traditional romance of a male lead is also a relevant and empowering theme for young girls everywhere.

Is Raya and The Last Dragon Worth Watching?

Personally, I wouldn’t say that Raya and the Last Dragon is one of my favorite movies because of the predictable nature of the plot. But the flamboyant display of mythical creatures and cute comical timing makes the movie worth watching.  

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