Stagecraft, Growing Filming Technology

shooting using Stagecraft

Stagecraft filming technology: It is the technical aspect of the new emerging theatrical, film and video includes set up and rigging scenery,  hanging and focusing of lighting, design and procurement and procurement of props.

it also includes make-up; stage management; audio engineering etc. Simply, we can conclude that stagecraft is distinct from the wider term of Scenography. For Stagecraft we need more technical person than an artistic field.

In Stagecraft filming technology what actually done is the practical implementation of a Scenic Designer’s artistic vision with the help of different technical manpower and tools. It is a loose term that refers to anything that happens backstage before, during, and after a theatrical production.

Shooting with spacecraft technology
Stage Craft Demo

Stagecraft filming technology is mainly divided into 5 main five sections:

Scenery: it consists of different other activities like set construction, scenic painting, theatrical properties, and special effects.

Sound design: Sound design consists of different activities that include musical underscoring as well as theatrical sound effects.

Costume design: This part deals with the costume construction and application related to theatrical makeup design.

Production: t deals with different aspects of production like comprising stage management, production management, house management and company management.

Recently, stagecraft has been heavily used by director Jon Favreau collaboration with Industrial Light & Magic(ILM) in the making of Disney+ “The Mandalorian” where more than 50% of its shoots are done with the help of stagecraft technology which excludes all the expensive and time-consuming location shoots.

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