This is why they are the best duo in Television series history


The best duo in Television series history: There are many partners in the movies and TV Series and some of them became our absolute favorite and we tend to admire them for their roles in the tv series.

Nowadays the emergence of the OTT platform has given more emphasis on the web series and people are more preferring the web platform rather than the usual movie theaters.

The Netflix has given a drastic change in the movie and the tv series industry by producing mind-blowing series which are hard forget and kind of stick to our mind.

If you are a fan of the tv shows you are absolutely going to love this article so lets start this.

1. Ragnar and Floki

The Characters Ragnar and Floki are from the Famous Tv series Vikings. Once you watch this movie you will absolutely admire the individuals and the duo as well.

I personally feel connected to the characters and their journey to the west and fight for the family and the army of the Vikings. If you love the fight scenes in movies like 300 and Game of Throne then you will definitely love this duo.

Best Duo Ragnar nad Floki

These soldiers best friends and the people who will stand by your side when people are trying to betray you but the best friends will be there for you forever.

There are some scenes where your emotions are poured into your heart and feel their pain and suffering and still not let yourself hate them.

They are and will be the best duo in Television series history forever.

2. Walter White and Jesse Pinkman

It’s hard to forget the name Walter White ‘Walt’ and Jesse Pinkman ‘Jesse’ from Breaking Bad. The Story started from being the relationship of student and teacher to the partner in the business to the biggest meth manufacturer in entire Mexico.

Best duo tv series jesse and white
Best Duo Tv series Jesse and white

Whatever their relations in the show their circumstances made them great to remember in the show forever. Their relationship had fears and the love for each other.

The Show Breaking Bad is a big hit for whole web series industries and thats why they are among the best duo in Television series history.

3. Thomas and Arthur Shelby

The Shelby brothers are the most desirable and fierce duo and brothers in the history of the tv serial like Ragnar and Rollo from the Vikings and Tyrion Lannister and Jaime Lannister.

These brothers are the partners in their business and the close companion and who work together despite their differences and work together for their business and family.

Best duo in tv series thomas and arthur shelby
Best duo in tv series thomas and arthur shelby

These brothers are the leaders of the Birmingham criminal gang called Peaky Blinders basically the leader is Thomas Shelby but the decision-making is done by every member of the family.

These brothers are the role model for the most of brothers in this world.

Peaky Blinders is most famous show in the world and these brothers are the best duo in Television series history.

4. Sherlock and Doctor Watson

Sherlock is the most loved web series when it comes to being a detective case and his appearance and knowledge in the show has made him an extraordinary person.

When Sherlock first met Watson he is fascinated by his skills at first he thought he was bluffing but when he says things the way he explained everything he got shocked by his thought process.

Best Duo Sherlock and Waston

Eventually, by solving the case they became more than partners who support each other and have their back when needed.

Sherlock has created a human mind into another level of thinking and they became the best duo in Television series history.

5. Chandler Bing and Joey Tribbiani

If you consider as a true fan of the show you will never forget the two legendry duos in the history of the television series.

The show portrays the idea of Friendship and how they live their life being friends and how to support each other.

the best duo in Television series history from friens

The show is based on the comedy of six friends who lived and loved together.

Among these characters we have most loved and sarcastic characters Joey and Chandler. They both are hilarious flat mates. They live together and laugh together.

That’s why they are the best duo in Television series history.

So I have you have loved these characters so far. If you haven’t seen them I would highly recommend you to watch these series. If You have more suggestions about who should be next duo in the list, comment down below.

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