Vikings Character Names, Know them in detail


Vikings character names: Here is the detailed cast overview of the popular web series Vikings. The Vikings is an Amazing historical action drama.

The story of Vikings has changed over periods however turns around the family of Ragnar.

The Dream of Ragnar to sail west and explore the England and how they survive the war.

If You ever thing of an amazing TV show which you find great and love watching its definitely Vikings Web series.

The Vikings Character names are in a way unique have a relationship which can be a little confusing to figure out.

but don’t worry here are the names of their relationships.

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Viking character names:

Cast                                Name and description
1.Travis FimmelRagnar Lothbrok  
2.Katheryan WinnickLagertha Ex-wife of Ragnar  
3.Alexander LudwigBjorn Lothbrok
Bjorn Ironside (nickname)
Son of Ragnar and Lagertha  
4.Ruby O’learyGyda Lothbrok
Daughter of Ragnar and Lagertha  
5.Jordan Patrick SmithUbbe Lothbrok
Son of Ragnar and Aglug  
6.Marco IlsoHvitserk
Son of Ragnar and Aglug  
7.David LindstromSigurd
snake in the eye
Son of Ragnar and Aglug  
8.Alex Hogh AndersenIvar
Ivar the boneless(nickname)
Son of Ragnar and Aglug  
9.Nathan O’tooleYoung or child Bjorn  
10.Clive StandenRollo
Brother of King Ragnar  
11.Alyssa SutherlandAslug
Queen Aslug  
12.Georgia HirstTorvi
Widow of Jarl borg
Widow of King Horik’s son
Ex-wife of Bjorn
and Wife of Hvitserk  
13.Gustaf SkarsgardFloki
Floki the boat builder(nickname)  
14.John KavanaghSheer
Who can tell the past and future?  
15.Jessalyan GilsigSiggy Haraldson
Widow of Earl Haraldson
and Love of Rollo  
16.Peter FranzenKing Harald Finehair  
17.Jasper PaakkonenHalfdan
Brother of King herald  
18.George blagdenAthelstan Christian monk  
19.Linus RoacheKing Ecbert
King of Wessex and Mercia(title)  
20.Moe DunfordAethelwulf
Son of King Ecbert  
21.Jonathan Rhys meyersBishop Heahmund  
22.Joesefin AsplundAstrid
Wife of King Harald  
23.EdgeKjetill Flatnose
Part in Floki ‘s settlement  
24.Lothaire BluteauEmperor Charles
Emperor of Paris  
25.Gaia WeissPorunn  
26.Donal LogueKing Horik (Viking)  
27.Gabriel ByrneHaraldson
Earl Haraldson (Earl of Kattegat)  
28.Ivan KayeKing Aella
King of Northumbria
29. Kevin DurandHarbard Wonderer/Traveller  
30.Ben RobsonKalf Earl
Earl (Kalf And Lagertha together are Earl)  
31.Thorbjorn HaarYarl borg  
32.Eric JohnsonEric The red Viking  
33.Jefferson HallTorstein Viking
34. Tadhg MurphyArne  
35.Danila KozlovskyRuss Viking
36.Ferdia Walsh-PeeloAlfred King of Wessex and Mercia  
Viking character name

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