The story of Bravery and courage “Hacksaw Ridge”

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Hacksaw Ridge: The Story of Desmond Dass is portrayed by a versatile actor Andrew Garfield. This story is based upon the real incident of the story of Desmond Dass it has a good rating on IMDB.

The story is based on the American war and how courage they fought the battle and saved their people who are wounded in the battle. hacksaw ridge cast is also so much popular.

The story of a man saving from fighting for his nation but he refuses to tough a gun while going on a war. He believes in peace and non-violence but he has to fight because he has to keep the peace by fighting it. So he has decided to be a medic for the team.

Thomas Doss

The Thomas Doss Father of Desmond and Hal is also a former military man and he has loosed his loved ones in the war and he also wishes he should also have died with them instead of living this miserable life.

Tom Hates the war because he has suffered a grievous loss of his friends in the war and thinks he responsible because he the only one to survive among his friends.

thomas doss entering in the court
Thomas Doss

Tom used to drink a lot and behave crazy with his wife and with his children. He has an argument with his wife a lot and both of the children used to hate him because of that.

Tom has a lot to say to his friends but they all are dead so he spends hours in the cemetery and talks with his friends pretending they are listing to him.

The Desmond Doss

The movie is based on his life how he became a hero of his Nation and saved dozed of life who are wounded in the battle.

When Hal and Desmond both are kid they have a small fight and when Hal tries to choke him Dassmond picked up a brick and hits his brother in the head. But he felt so much guilty by saying he could have killed his own brother.

Desmond Doss
Desmond doss

His mother told him that murder is the most sin of all most sin in the Lord’s eyes. And he decides not to hurt anyone and follow the Bible.

In the hospital, while helping a friend he fell for Nurse Dorothy who is immensely beautiful working in the hospital. He tries to make small talk with her and ask her out for a date and they later marry.

Hal brother of Desmond

One night when they are having dinner Hal came to the house wearing the uniform of the war. Hal has his own perspective of the war he thinks it’s not about the killing in the war but it’s the protection from the enemy who tries to kill us first.

His father got much angry and worried about his son because he can see what already has happened is repeating itself the war that is going to change his son’s life as it did to his. It only didn’t change turn round life.

Tom said his friend got shot and there is blood running through his cloth he was lucky that he is not alive to see how miserable his death was.

The training session

When Desmond entered the training camp he introduced with everyone In the camp who are stronger As Dassmond is thin and skinny.

They are under the training command of Sergeant Hawell he is strict and made everyone work hard for battle so that they don’t die soon and fight better for the battle basically he is making the individual a soldier.

When everyone is training they have to know how to operate and shoot with the rifle to end their training session.

In training, he was the only one who denied touching a gun and he is taken to the Caption J Glover for complaining but he refuses to touch the gun because he was promised not to take the gun. The caption tells him there is killing in the war and denies his proposal and put forward a simple rule as long as you are in his command you have to follow the rules.

In the camp other beat him up for the decision he made for not touching the weapon in the war.

His has been court-martial and agreed to be so, for the decision he has made. But his father goes t0heir in the middle of the hearing and tells everyone about what happened to him and has their Nation already forgotten the hero who saved their country. And the colonel withdraws the charges as his father brought the letter from the higher authority.

The Battlefield

When they are heading to the battlefield they saw a number of trucks carrying the full of soldiers that are wounded or dead in the battle. When they arrive at the camp set up near the battlefield there are only 3 medics including him alive to save the rest of the team.

The Hacksaw Ridge

Their team went up to Hacksaw Ridge to fight the battle on the fight day they lose many of their good men and he has saved much life by moving down to the wounded ones.

When the fight is stopped in the evening there are still many of the soldiers out there in the area of enemy and needed to be rescued. When everyone went down at their camps he is still searching for the wounded ones.      

The next morning they got a surprise attack from the ground and that cost many of their men and grounded helplessly waiting for medical support. And all of them have to leave the battlefield and run down the ridge.

Desmond helping
Desmond helping

But Desmond does not return to the camp instead he went to find his friends that are still out there and heavily wounded by gunshots and other things.

When there still many enemies out there on the battlefield he remains there and drags his friends and delivers them to the down ridge. When Everyone returned to the camp then suddenly they got one wounded floating and coming down from the ridge, it’s doss who is dragging and saving their life.

The Rescue Mission

All night he has dragged 75 wounded body from the ridge and his hands are bleeding because he has to hold the role to take bodies down to the Hacksaw Ridge.

He said I was asking for god that he want to save one more life every time he saved one life. The people at the camp said that his bodies are coming down all night and it is Doss who is doing it.

He has got the Medal for of Honor, America’s highest award for courage under fire.

Desmond getting madel
Desmond getting madel

The movie shows the courage he has shown in the battle field by him without carrying the rifle he has saved much life. There is a saying in a war it is more important to save one life in the war than killing one enemy.

The movie Hacksaw Ridge also gives a strong message of how a War can be devastating and it can turn around the life of people and its consequences can affect the people who suffer from it.

Though you have read this much about the movie it is a must-watch and recommended movie for all since it carries a strong message of peace in itself. watch hacksaw ridge Netflix.

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