TVF Pitchers

This is what makes TVF Pitchers must watch web series

TVF Pitchers is one of the great and most loved web series of all time. It has characters that represent the real-life person and resemble most young entrepreneurs of the country.

The idea and planning can make everything work out, if you dedicatedly work you will achieve far more than you have ever expected.

Let’s see the viewer’s rating in the IMDB per episode. This also makes it the most awaited season two of the show.

Season 1 Episode  IMDB Rating
1.Tu Beer Hai9.1
2. And Then There Were Four8.9
The Jury Room9.1
4.Bulb Jalega Boss9.2
5.Where Magic Happens9.4

TVF Pitchers, when it to the acting and the writing skills, the OTT platform has played a revolutionary role in changing the whole scenario.

In the past when the people used to enjoy the movies with their friends and talked about the greatness of the movie. Now the trend has somehow flipped and people want to be updated with the latest and new series in the market.

Some web series provide us entertainment more and less education where TVF Pitchers is great when it comes to learning apart from appreciating its overall story and brilliant performance by each of the cast.

This story suggests the hardship and reward for the person trying to pursue their own dream. Their own company where they will work and earn from their own dream instead of working hard for others dreams.

There are often times you have discussed with your friends about your startup, the same memory will be revised by this series and you might get motivation about thinking to start your own one more time.

This series is one the must-watch web series if slightly one part of you have still wanted to be an Entrepreneur.

Lessons learned from the TVF Pitchers

  • “If you don’t work to build your dreams someone will use you to build their dreams.”
  • The road to success is not paved road you have to learn to walk on the road.
  • Don’t miss the opportunity which everyone else is missing.
  • There will always hardship and failure and the only way ahead is continuous trying until you success.
  • While achieving something there is often times you will feel it is not going to work out. But there is always way out, find it until you get out of it.
  • If you accept rejection you can face anything in life.

Recommendation to watch: Mostly I don’t suggest watching other shows which are solely for entertainment purposes but if you want to achieve something in life and want to work on your own this can be motivation for you.

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