Top 5 Best Debuted Action Animated Series

Top 5 Best Debuted Action Animated Series Of 2021

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, There were very less Movies, Series, Animes released in 2021 as compared to other years.

But however, we’ve got some very good content debuting all over the streaming services or television.

Among them, some of the animated series is really amazing. So, we’ve made this list of, ‘Top 5 Best Debuted Action Animated Series Of 2021’ for you.

Real animated series lovers make sure you haven’t missed any of these fantastic animated series.

If you wanna know the best 5 action animated series of 2021, make sure to read till the last word.

5. Marvel’s What If…?

Marvel’s What If…? is an American anthology animated series created by AC Bradley or produced & released by marvel under Walt Disney Studios with a PG-13 rating.

Marvel’s What If…?

This series has 9 episodes in total each of them being 35-40 minutes long.

This series is based on the Marvel comic with the same name. Basically, this show explores the alternate timelines of the marvel universe with a different take of the story which makes it different from the main MCU timeline.

The interesting thing is, this is the only animated marvel show released on streaming services in 2021. But this show is not canon yet, which means if you have not watched any of the old marvel movies that won’t create any problem in your watching experience.

This show’s animation style is different from the old marvel animated series (e.g; Avengers Assemble), with few exceptions.

Most of the episodes are vibrant and colorful with good action scenes with noticeable dialogues.

These are the reasons that make this series a must-watch for marvel fans & also a very good time-spending animated series for non-marvel fans.

Available in: Disney+ in English Audio Only

Ratings : IMDB- 7.5/10      RT- 94%

4. Marvel’s Hit Monkey

Marvel’s Hit Monkey is an R-rated American action animated series created by Will Speck & Josh Gordon and produced by Floyd County Production Marvel Television.

Marvel’s Hit Monkey

This series has 10 episodes, each of them being 23-27 minutes long.

It is based on 2010’s Marvel’s Hit Monkey comic book by Daniel Way & Dalibor Talajic.

The story of this series moves around a hardcore brutal monkey in the way of vengeance in japan and he is guided by the soul of an American mercenary named Bryce.

The series got R-rating for its bloody visuals and brutal action scenes. Also, many of the episodes have separate ending songs which is really beautiful.

Its first season completed at a nice cliffhanger which shows season 2 is gonna be amazing if it comes again. At all, it’s a must-watch for brutal action fans.

Available in: Hulu Originals in English Audio Only

Ratings : IMDB-7.9/10       RT- 80%

3. Maya And The Three

Maya And The Three is an animated mini-series created by Jorge R.Gutierrez and Produced by Tangent Animation.

Maya And The Three

This series has 30 minutes long 9 episodes. The Story of this series follows the adventures of a brave-hearted & spirited warrior princess, Maya who is on a mission of saving humanity from the vengeful god.

This is a y7+ rated series. In this series, you can see a very fantastic job by animators, the very best level of animation style during fight scenes, and a good amount of emotional touch with the characters.

Overall it’s a must-watch for animation content lovers.

Available in: Netflix in English, Spanish, Hindi, And Other Languages…

Ratings: IMDB-8.2/10        RT-100%

2. Invincible

Invincible is an R-rated American animated series created by Robert Kirkman and Produced by Skybound Entertainment.


This series has 40-48 minute long 8 episodes. This series is based on the comic book published by Image Comics with the same name by Robert Kirkman himself.

A 17-year-old boy mark starts getting superpowers from his genetic abilities because his father, Omni-Man is the most powerful hero on the planet.

But eventually, Mark found something very unbelievable about his father’s legacy after then the true story begins.

It seems like the typical superhero animation, why it’s in the second number?

Yes, That question is obvious, but this series contains a lot of mature things.

It is a most violent series than others on this list. If someone has superpowers, do they really help others? They really don’t want to rule us? This series raises these questions which are pretty obvious.

Also, the writing and execution of the story are so amazing. Animators did a good job.

We can connect to every character so well. The main thing the fight scenes are very brutal and bloody, hand-hand combat is so much prettily designed.

Overall, it’s a must-watch for any type of superhero fan.

Available in: Amazon Prime Video in the English Language

Ratings: IMDB-8.7/10          RT-98%

1.Arcane: League Of Legend

Arcane: League Of Legend is a TV-14 rated American series created by Christian Linke & Alex Yee and Produced by Fortiche under the supervision of Riot Games.

Arcane- League Of Legend

This series has around 42 minutes long 9 episodes. This series is based on some important characters of a famous PC game League Of Legends owned by Riot Games.

The story of this series moves in the origin of two iconic league champions; The Utopian Piltover & Underground of Zaun.

Creators set the tragic story of the main lead characters Vi and Jinx so perfectly. Its animation style is like a league of legends game with an oily type of color filter for a cool darker look for suspenseful impact.

Potentially, the dialogues of this show are really very nice to hear and think about that.

Action and fight scenes look so cool. Every character’s development is on point.

This series can make you sad, happy, angry & excited easily. And the soundtracks are very nice.

The opening song is my personal favorite. In all aspects, this show deserves to be No.1.

Give time to this you will get a perfect return. Must watch it.

Available in: Netflix in the English Language

Ratings : IMDB-9.1/10           RT-100%


So, these are the top 5 best action animated series of 2021 from my point of view.

I have only added those in this list whose series debuted in 2021 or are not canon with old series (for e.g; Rick & Morty, Star Wars, Infinity Train).

Also, I haven’t included Japanese anime here. Hope you liked this ranking if yes, then please make sure to share it with your anime lover friends too.

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