Top Indian web series according to Imdb rating

Top Indian TV shows according to IMDB ratings

In recent years the standard of Indiana web series has grown to the massive number and the quality is also unbeatable.

so we have prepared a list of web series according to their IMDB ratings.

1. Aspirants (9.7)

Aspirants is another masterpiece coming from the TVF officials that has made its position on the top 10 list.
The aired on 2021 and also focus on the students that are preparing for their carrier in the government job.
The hardships they undergo in the process and the journey it takes to be at a position is beautifully present on the show.
The best part about the show is also to understand the importance of the friends and the family in the process of achieving something.
If you do not have someone to enjoy your success then it’s not the real success and friends and family are those parts we should keep by your side.
The show is more than we can explain it is about the emotions that will take you to another dimension.

2. Scam 1992 the Harshad Mehta story (9.5)

The TV show released in 2020 has got positive responsive from the fans since the show is based on the real story of Harshad Metha and the scam that happened on the year of corresponding year.
The characters have showed the realistic acting skills because of which the show has gained more popularity over the Indian fans as well the international fans across the countries.

3. Flames (9.2)

The Flames is based on the love story of the teenagers and the balancing their teenage lifestyle with their studies.
Timeliners has been providing quality content over the time and this show represents the young romance and chemistry between the young souls.

4. Gullak (9.2)

This web-series shows the typical Indian family specially the story of the Mishra family and their livelihood.
The Gullak shows the tales of how a common family man lives and their struggles in the life while trying to buy a happy life for your family.
This show might take you to your childhood if you belong to the Mishra family class.

5. Kota Factory (9.2)

The TVF official in India is always on top positions on the quality content and the shows that will be relatable to the most of people at certain point of the time.
Kota factory represents the story of the place Kota the center for all students perusing their higher dreams.
Kota Factory has gained massive support from the fans specially teenagers who are living their school or college lives.

6. TVF Pitchers (9.1)

Another masterpiece from TVF official is Pitchers, collects the story of people working people in different fields already went ahead from the positions of doing startup.
There is no age for starting something of your own and they start to work on dreams, that is the beauty of the show.

7. Yeh Meri Family (9.1)

The web-series is first aired on 2018 but the show is still great impact on the viewers.
This show will definitely take you on the roller coaster to your childhood as this it is represented from the perspective of a boy.
This show will also remind you of the friendship and the thing you share with your best friend.
The conversation and the dialogues are funny and pleasing and you will definitely love this show.

8. ImMATURE (8.9)

ImMATURE is an teenage story beautifully and emotionally represented in the web series. This can also be considered as a mini web series that shows the teenage love story can be a thing.
The way they feel and fell is pure no drama no sense of betrayal, but scared of the feeling of losing because of the higher studies.
This kind of show has a different kind of fan base who just enjoy the feeling and sense of friendship.

9. College Romance (8.9)

College Romance is another TVF original mini web series which has a great impact on the teenagers.
The language and the relationship that are represented in the web series are specially targated to the teenagers and young audience.
The story suggests the college boys and girls and their love stories and the survival in the college and their personal life.

10. Panchayat (8.8)

Panchayat is Amazon prime video web series which has created an impact on the most people and their beliefs.
This comedy-drama shows the struggle and the lifestyle of people living in Uttar Pradesh.
The web series represents the people’s knowledge of technology at the remote and village and the impact on their lifestyle.
Panchayat shows the difficulties in the village areas after completing the studies with the low salaries.

11. Bandish Bandits (8.7)

The Bandish Bandits sets a different topic to start the series but still chooses the concept of love to run it.
The show provides the connection of musical and the people that are connected by the music to the real love.
They say the music is another source of love as suggested by following music two young souls fall in love and start to uplift their carrier.
The different between city they grew in is different but music has united those to will they be success in their carrier and in the love as well?

12. The Family Man (8.6)

The Family man is the web-series by the amazon prime and masterpiece combo of a family man working for the government secretly.
The show is parted on two agendas how one has to deal with their family as well as serve their country at the same time.
The situations that arise on the show are thrilling and frustrating while you see your family as well.
It is the perfect mixture of family and the thriller drama. The cast has done a fantastic job on their behalf.

13. Sacred Games (8.6)

Sacred Games is another game changer show in the Indian web series industry. This series can be taken as the revolutions to the TV series industry in the India.
The series has been shown in the two perspectives, one from the perspective of police and another from gangsters or a person who feels superior from other.
Success story of a man who has achieved everything from nothing is shown.

14. Permanent Roommates (8.6)

Permanent Roommates is another beautiful series from the TVF official .It represents the story people who are sharing the same roof and living together.
The hardship and the struggles they have to face to be together is the main theme of the show.
The series focuses on who to grow and handles problems being in the relation and the living with the same person before their marriage.

15. Special Ops (8.6)

Hotstar VIP presents Special Ops is a Thriller web series that represent the story of terrorists and their attempt to harm the country.
The special task force is appointed to neutralize and to track the attacks using their special operation with the specialized team who is spread throughout the country.
The mission was to catch the mastermind behind the terrorist attacks that are happening in the country and put an end to the chaos.
If you are a fan of a movie like 9/11 and other similar terrorist attack movies you should definitely enjoy this show as well.

16. Hostel Daze (8.6)

Hostel Daze is a story of people that are living in the hostel during their college life.
The problems they have to face during the college life and the hostel life are focused.

The story of friendship and the craziness we do with them with surely remind you of something you have done in your life.

This show shows the importance and the part of friendship throughout the journey in life and your hostel life.

17. TVF Tripling (8.6)

The Tripling is one of the beautiful web series that represent the story of the siblings and their lives differently.
The concept of the road trip has been completely changed in this show. The road trip with siblings can be so awesome and thrilling sometimes.
The life of person is changed when they are not together and after siblings meet together after long times they have changed completely and you have to live with it.
The beautiful relationship between the two brother and a sister is shown in the show with absolutely beauty.

18. Asur : welcome to your Dark Side (8.5)

Asur can be considered as one of the brilliant web-series and result of brilliant writing skills.
After watching only one season you cannot leave yourself but appreciating the acting skills of the individual cast the writers for their visualizing capacity.
The web series shows the story of the serial killer based on the spiritual beliefs that sets a target to be killed but it is still a mystery.
The series is the perfect blend of the mystery, suspense and thriller where will be amazed.
Asur is the game changer for the suspense web series field. Though there are not many series are out in the but this has provided the whole new level of experience for the viewers.
The perspective and expectation from the OTT platform in India has been changed the past few year and this series is one of the game changer.

19. Delhi Crime (8.5)

Delhi crime represents the rising threat to the all humanity the story of “rape and murder”.
The increasing number of rape and murder cases around the India as well as in other countries is increasing daily. Such incidents are shame to the all humanity and the human race not just the one who does it but all of us.
This web series is not easy to wise because of the content you might get triggered out of the anger if you are on the side of justice to the victims.

20. Mirzapur (8.4)

Mirzapur despite of it’s IMDB ranking it is regarded as one of the best shows in India right now.
The show has shown how two young brothers forced to be gangster and how their life has turned with their one decision.
The middle class family man with the principles, deep politics, gangster life and sexual abuse and drugs, revenge are main points of the series.
Mirzapur holds the story of a Gangster and politically strong person and their impact on the common people who are living there.

21. Cubicles (8.3)

A Cubicle is another masterpiece from TVF official that represents the story of an IT professional.
The Cubical holds a story of struggles and the opportunities one has to face after getting in the big companies.
The world is run by the people working on the cubicles, same concept has been used here and a fresh out college graduate working in the Indian IT company.
The problems he has to face during the process and the reason for him to stay in those cubicles make this mini web series more interesting.

22. Breathe (8.3)

The Indian Breathe series is an thriller story that follows the trails of the murders and that are to be solved by the crime branch in the search of the suspect.
This is old story of the police and the killer but it will give you the whole new level of experience to you.
This story represents the brilliant officer that keeps his piece together to find the convict.

23. Criminal Justice (8.1)

The story represents how the story of a person that is staged in the murder of a person and how his life turned around him.
The middle class cab driver who has no connection was falsely accused of a murder of a girl and how he fights the system.
This might be a web series for you but still many people has rotted in the prison for the crime they didn’t committed.
This series is the represented this very people and fight against the system for the damage done to the innocent peoples.

24. Aarya (7.9)

The story of Aarya revolves around a simple mother and the family totally unaware of his husbands activates and their life.
Their life turned around when her husband is mysteriously killed.
The story of Aarya represents the story of illegal drug paddling and the consequences that has to face by the whole family.

25. Patal Lok (7.8)

Patal Lok also represents the story of the crime and the murder of a famous journalist.
The story of a policeman desperately want to solve the case of journalist murder and the convicts that connects the case.
The people from different fields that are connected to the case made is complexity in the case.

26. Aashram (7.7)

Ashram is a show from MX Players originals; it also gained popularity because of its relatedness.
The story shows the beliefs of people on the Baba’s and the dark side of them.
They spiritual control of such people on people’s mind by playing their games.
The web-series also shows the dark side of the cultural differences that is still present on the different part of the India.
The cast system where lower cast and upper cast people are treated differently, And upper cast people fell superior and act superior

27. Chaman Bahaar (7.0)

Chaman Bahaar holds the story a person that owns the small paan shop in the city and struggling to make some money until he fall for a beautiful girl who live in neighborhood.
The story of love, jealousy and betrayal because of his situation without the girl ever knowing it.
It revolves the story of one-sided love story come true in the city.

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