TVF Aspirants tops the fan favorite list on IMDB by hitting 9.0 IMDB ratings

Recently The Indian TV show Aspirants is aired on the TVF’s official YouTube channel went viral.
Because the authentic content and the reality show by the series have caught everyone’s attention.
The Viral Fever (TVF) is providing free shows on its YouTube channels and providing authentic content.
The show is a big hit because of its free availability on YouTube and the connection is created by mentioning the topic of friendship.
The Shows starring Naveen Kasturia (Abhilash) , Shivankit Singh Parihar(Guri) , Abhilash Thapliya (Sk), Sunny Hinduja(Sandeep bhaiya), Namita Dubey (Dhairya).
The cast has an impeccable job while it comes to the art of acting and the people have appreciated the character of Sunny Hinduja (Sandeep Bhaiya) very much.

TVF Originals Kota Factory

The previous miniseries of TVF original named “Kota Factory” has also gained massive support from the fans portraying the story of students and their struggle in the student life.
Everyone liked it because of its relatedness to the content.
The Kota factory is also can be regarded as a success in the media since it has also a 9.1/10 rating on the IMDb.
Fan voted for Aspirants
The Aspirants hits the fan-favorite of the week in the IMDb’s list with a 9.0 rating lifting most of the shows out there in the market with nearly 230000+ votes in the list.
This is way more than other shows on the list the list contains great shows of Marvel like “ Falcon and Winter soldier” etc.

This Miniseries Aspirants also captures the story of people who are in the race of being civil servants and the tough competition in the market has made this series lovable and relatable.

There are thousands of students who are trying to pursue the carrier but less than one percentage gets the position and that is tough.
The series shows the aspect of the hard work, problems faced by them in their life, the time spent on the study, love, friendship, and most important factor failure in life.
The show emphasizes the friendship and hard work of the person in life. The importance of friends in life to balance and show what we have become in life.
We need someone to share our success with otherwise that success is not worth it.

Plot summary

The aspirant sums the story of three friends Abhilash, SK and Guri. The story shows the past and present days of the friends. The old days shows the struggle and the memories with their friendship whereas present scene shows their status in the life.

The drama happened in the Old Rajinder Nagar in Delhi where Aspirants came to clear the UPSE CSE. The show shows the importance of friendship in general.

Fan Favorite Quote

“Sandeep bhaiya is not just character, he’s an emotion.”

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