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Viking character ranking: The Viking web series has a huge fan base and people love every character according to their roles. Here are the top 15 people characters according to popularity:

When we are ranking Vikings characters there are plenty of things that are taken into considerations. Viking character names, Vikings popularity gained throughout the season is considered. While ranking Vikings characters everyone might have their interest on the characters.

Here we have ranked top 15 Vikings character names according to the character names in the show.

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15.The seer

The Seer has a mysterious man who knows the past and present of all people living. He has some supernatural powers and communicates with the gods.

The seer is also the fundamental part of the Vikings who believes in the god Odin. He has helped Ragnar in conquering Paris. SEER has most influencing role among the Vikings character names.

Viking character seer

14. Judith

Judith is the wife of Athelwolf son of King Ecbert. We cannot say that she is a loyal wife since she has an affair with spiritual man Athelstan and his father-in-law the King Ecbert.

She is also a mother but we cannot change her argument she has protected his son by killing his other son.

Vikings character Judith


Torvi is a bold and determined wife as well as shieldmaiden for the Viking army. She has loved all men in her life and when she does not like it she has killed those for loved one’s.

She bears the heavy burden of being a mother and being a shieldmaiden. she has always protected her family from devastating dangers.

Viking character torvi

12. King Harald fine hair

Harald fine hair is an ambitious man he has faced many ups and downs in his life. He killed his own brother in a civil war. The ambition of Harald is to become the king of all Norway, and he is determined for achieving his dreams.

Harald story suggest: start believing on our dreams and never forget about the goals we have to achieve in life.

Viking king Haralad
King harald

11. Vitserk Lothbrok

Vitserk is a character who has been questioning his choices and his own dreams. He cannot figure out what God has decided about his fate but plays a bold role for big brother working under his younger brother under his mentorship.

After Ivar killed his loved ones he started to rebel against his brother. Vitserk is popular for his own perspective of life.

Viking character vitserk
vitserk lothbrok

10. King Ecbert

Ecbert is a king of Wessex at initial and he is a wise man and believes in Christian God. Ecbert is a great leader and king for his country. He is a wise man and he uses Viking warriors to capture Marcia and renounce himself as the king of both Wessex and Mercia.

Ecbert is also a friend of King Ragnar but not a loyal one. He has destroyed the settlement of land between Vikings and Saxons.

Viking character king Ecbert
King Ecbert

9. Bishop Headgmund

Viking character headgmund
Bishop headgmund

Headgmund is Bishop in the church for the Wessex and also a great fighter for the Wessex. He has fought many battles for the kingdom as well as for Vikings alongside Lagertha and Bjorn.

He fought his last battle as being bishop of the church and for protecting his kingdom and his kind.

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8. Ubbe Lothbrok

Ubbe is also the most admiring rising character in the Viking family. He is the eldest of his brother from Queen Aslug and King Ragnar.

He supports his brother and admires his big brother Bjorn, Though Bjorn is his half brother he is an inspiration in life.

 Ubbe never leaves Bjorn’s side in the war as well as for support for his brother.  He is also a great warrior and won single combat protecting for the kingdom of Wessex and made a settlement to farm in the west.

Viking character Ubbe

7. Rollo

Rollo is a strong Viking warrior. He is a brother of Viking Ragnar. Rollo is a strong character and has suffered a lot of dilemmas about his existence. He is also a great Viking but he believed that he cannot achieve anything being with his brother want to prove himself to others.

Rollo has belief in him and as Sheer prophesized about him he has later achieved great things in life after he has been baptized and betray his kind he makes himself to be loyal to Paris.

Viking character rollo
Rollo Standing with axe

6. Athelstan

Athelstan is a man of God for the Christian culture. He has been capture by Vikings in the takeover of a monastery of Lindisfarne in Northumbria.

He has the spirit of a man who is ready to tackle the problem in life. After Ragnar freed him from slavery still he chooses to leave live amongst the pagans who hate him for who he is. Athelstan becoming a Viking warrior is also fun to watch.

Christian Athelstan is crucified for his deeds by his fellow Christians but king Ecbert saved his life, and take him to his palace. Athelstan has an affair with Lady Judith wife of Alfred son of King Ecbert. He has a son named Alfred and later he became the King of Wessex and Mercia.

Vikings athelstan
Athelstan sitting

5. Floki

Floki the boat builder is the quite admiring character of the show who belies in Odin. The strong belief of God made him kill a great friend of Ragnar.

Poster of Vikings
Lead of Vikings

Floki can Tell how many boats will be made by seeing a tree standing in the jungle / forest. He made a boat for a place where people thought never exist.

Floki also used to love her wife and had a beautiful daughter though he believe that his daughter will be also like him stupid and silly. Though he thought he he stupid but he is a great friend and believer till his last breath.

His death is still a contradiction or a mystery but we can conclude accordingly.

4. Ivar the boneless

Ivar is not popular in the starting seasons but being a cripple he has gained quite popularity in the later seasons. The character is full of anger and frustration for being and cripple.

Ivar is a genius in making plans and strategies for the war. His plan never fails and makes him victorious in every war. His plans never failed until his own wife betrayed him.

Ivar is very powerful even after his weaknesses he has killed his own brother in a rage. And rebel against his own brother Ubbe and half brother Bjorn and became victorious by his plans.

He has slain many of Saxon’s hand hate other gods and believe strongly in Odin and himself. He is truly inspiring to watch in the show.

Ivar the boneless

3. Shieldmaiden Lagertha

The Character of Lagertha represents the strong and bold female who has started her life being the farmer and great shieldmaiden. She believes the girls can, and they also will fight like men. She thinks females are not only for giving birth to the child but also can fight to protect their own kind.

Lagertha is also an Earl when her husband is killed. She is also quite powerful and motivated and wants to be a farmer once again and wants to live her life again with Ragnar.

Sheildmaiden Lagertha has provided many girls training to be the shieldmaiden and to be confident in life. She is full of positivity in herself. Once you will watch this series you will fall in love with this character.

Viking character lagertha
Lagertha standing

2. Bjorn  Ironside

The eldest son of Ragnar is Bjorn. The show portrays Bjorn as a young lion who has great skills and heart toward his people. The Bjorn has his own goals and wants to fulfill the dream of his father to sail west and farm.

The character is bold and wise. The popularity of Bjorn is more than of his father and confident on his actions.

Viking character bjorn
Bjorn the Ironside

Bjorn got Ironside title when not even a single blade toughs him on the battlefield. The journey of alone in winter in the woods made him even stronger than ever before.

The popularity of Bjorn is beyond the imagination from Northman to the Saxon’s all across the Mediterranean. if Ragnar’s sons were ranked probably Bjorn gets the top position among all.

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1. Ragnar Lothbrok

The heart of the show Ragnar Lothbrok is a handsome and fierce king who has started his life by being and farmer and ended up being the king and this hometown Kattegat. The popularity of is man is beyond the sea and far lands.

The show defines a character that has excellent skills in the strategy-making to attack the town. The knowledge of other cultures and languages makes him a great ruler.

Viking character ragnar
King Ragnar standing

Ragnar loves his friend Athelstan. Even he follows the Christian god he never questions his loyalty to Athelstan. The show shows the bonding between two different people who believe in their gods and have different cultures. The bonding between the two has made him the most inspiring person.

Though he might be seen as a little bit weak in the later seasons. He has the curiosity of challenging the will of God and wants to control his own fate. When everyone believes in God, he tries to make his own fate. He believes that God is man’s creation.

The character portrays the strong and clever king that has a dream to farm across the west want to be a farmer like his parents.

Ragnar tells “The power is dangerous thing it attracts the  worst and corrupts the best.”

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