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Vikings web series: When we generally talk about the movies and series we have some specific movies and series in mind. When it comes to the action-drama there is one name that stands in the lead that is no other than Vikings.

Obviously, there are many other web series over which are way popular than Viking. We all have heard of Game of Thrones’ fierce story of intellectual man and women and the Dragon.

That is what the show made the top action drama.

There are other great shows like The Last Kingdom, The King, etc.

The Dragon of the show Vikings is our main character Ragnar Lothbrok. The character is so admired by people after season one, when it is released on March 3, 2013, in Canada.

The Ragnar is so much inspiring and fierce that everyone will love the character including myself. I personally am the greatest fan of the show and the character Ragnar Lothbrok portrays by Travis Fimmel.

vikings web series cast

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The story started with being a farmer and ended up being a King is a Hell of a journey for Ragnar. The genius mind and breathtaking combat skills made him the King of Kattegat The home for Ragnar and his family. 

Ragnar has a beautiful wife Shieldmaiden Lagertha with a son Bjorn and a daughter Gyda also Ragnar has a younger brother Rollo who has extreme fighting skills and ability.

The brother is a shield for Ragnar until he betrays him in the battle and fight for Yarl borg and kills his own friend. Floki is a true friend of Ragnar and has been always loyal to him.

What is Odin Vikings web series?

Odin Is introduced as a Pegan god and treated with the true belief in him. In Viking culture, if god favors a person he cannot be destroyed nor defeated.

Ragnars believes that his family is descendent from Odin the one and only true god. From Vikings other gods are false gods and if the worship false god they would not be welcome in Valhalla after death.

There is a belief that if you are a great warrior dies he will go to Valhalla and the gates will open for him and Valkyries will take their spirit and all of them will unite there in Valhalla and feast together.

They have a one-eyed man who has a knowledge of everyone’s past and present and talks in the metaphor that people might misinterpret it sometime. They call him a Sheer. 

 There is another Christian god who is believed by the people of England and other western countries. Muslims are people in the Arab and Mediterranean. In China they worship Buddha.

Why People love Floki:

The Character of Floki is a fascinating story of a boat builder who has the ability to design boats that can sail in any water.

Floki can be regarded as the loyal friend of Ragnar and his god Odin. One he said, “I am only loyal to Odin and Ragnar” in his own dialogue delivery pattern.

Bjorn the son of Ragnar loves Floki and other Viking warrior also loves Floki because he is always true to the gods.

In Later episodes King Harald and his brother Halfdan also love Floki. The sons of Ragnar from his second wife queen Aslugs also admire Floki including Lagetha and Aslug.

Athelstan as a Monk:

When Vikings first sail west for days and landed on the monastery at Lindisfarne in Northumbria after the successful raid they took him as a slave and after that Ragnar took him for slavery as a reward from Earl Haraldson.

But he believes in the Christian god which is completely unacceptable for Vikings.

Athelstan is also true to his god and never betrays Rangar even though he is a Christian. He also killed many of his own kind when he is with the Viking army.

Everyone except Ragnar hates Athelstan in Kattegat. But kings Ecbert of Wessex also admires him for being a holy man and also loves his work, Together they discover great things from the ancient history of Greece methodology.

And actually, implement it to defeat the army of Viking.

Athelstan is crucified for the treason he has done and the killing of the holy monks while attacking the monetary in England. But after he has been crucified, King Ecbert forgives him and keeps him at his mercy.

The wife of King Ecbert’s son Judith falls in love and bears a child which is believed to be holy by king Ecbert and named his son Alfred.

As we know Vikings does not like him so Floki kills him after he saw a vision of blood pouring from Odin’s eye and kills him with his ax when he is praying for the Christian god.

Ragnar carries the dead Athelstan and made Cross and bury him in the ground far from everyone and talk to the grave and said “I hope someday our gods can be friends too.”

The Fierce fighting skills:

Every show will be great if it contains fierce fighting skills. If you like the show having load loads of slaying fights and punishments this show is at stake.

For me, the fighting scenes are the fascinating things that I would watch in a web series.

In this series you can enjoy the victories over the Saxons, fighting for the Saxons and my personal favorite is personal combat where the fight will be done for the blood and lasts till one of the people is dead.

The deadly fighting scene made us realize the beauty of the show.

The Sons of Ragnar:

The show is more focused in the sons of Ragnar after the death of the Ragnar Lothbrok.

vikings web series sons of ragnar
sons of Ragnar

Bjorn the eldest son of Ragnar has many wives but the one who bears the child is Torvi ex-wife of Bjorn and wife of Ubbe Lothbrok.

Ivar is also married to the women called Fraydis after he takes Kattegat from the Bjorn. Vitserk is not married and Sigurd is killed by his own brother Ivar in rage.

Bjron the Ironside:

The positive role model of the show is Bjorn, the son of Ragnar and Lagertha. He tries to make peace between his brothers and also love them.

He gets this name by Ragnar when no blade can touch him in the battle with Saxon and then after the is popularly known as Bjorn the ironside.

The popularity of Bjorn is more than Ragnar and any other in history. He is also fierce in the battle and undefeated in the battle as favored by god.

Bjorn loves his mother and truly follows his father and tries to be a better ruler like his father. In the Vengeance of his father, he has to lead the great army In history which has wiped the two big Kings Aella and Ecbert.

The God Ivar the boneless:

Ivar is a frustrated kid because of his physical weakness. Most of his childhood he spent with his mother, so he has more attachment with his mother than any of the other sons.

Ragnar used to tell him he is not useless because of his anger but he is unique because of it. Since it makes him unpredictable.

When he is married to Fraydis she told him he is the god because he can bear his child in her belly though he cannot have a child.

Ivar does not know it as a lie and treats himself as a god. Represents his people they are being ruled by God himself. This might make him a villain of the show in season and eventually kills the Sheer.

I personally liked this web series and watched a couple of times.

and every time I feel like watching once more. I highly recommend you to watch this web series as you will love this on Netflix.

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