What happened to the Floki at the End?

floki carrying light

What happened to the Floki: Floki is a fascinating character who builds boats that can sail on any water surface. Floki is spiritual in his god Odin. In the recent episode.

he has his own story in the Vikings he has his own settlement and believes they will have new life in god’s land but his settlement is not a success.

Everyone has broken the rule at the settlement and disappointed Floki and he left the place and went in the search of god’s home.

In this episode, it is shown that he has gods beside him that he sees beyond what everyone sees.

At one point he finds a place a cave, he calls it the place where God lives or the house of the gods.

When he reaches the end of the cave he mysteriously finds the cross sigh the god of Christian. The gods what he always believes that is a false god.

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floki standing
Floki standing

Does Floki Survive the Volcano?

When he finds the cross and questions about what God really wants him to be and what he will do. He just got amazed by seeing the Cross inside the place in which he believes belongs to his own god.

At the same point, there is a volcano over the cave and there is a conflict about the death of the Floki. The show Vikings do not show any fact that will prove the living status of the Flokis existence.

Vikings have produced one more series without Floki since season 6 has not new of floki but hopefully, he is not dead yet and we will be seeing him with some new twist in it.

Will Floki became a Christian?

There is a question in everyone’s mind when this happened to the floki about god because he strongly believes in Odin and can scarify himself for the god.

But when he wanted to sacrifices himself to god but he cannot do that he often asked god about why they are spearing him.

Now in these coming episodes, we can see some interesting twists about the belief about the floki.

In my opinion, if Floki lives he will treat all gods as the same because his god has made him believe him in the Christina god so that will change his mentality to see the other gods.

As Ragnar at the end thinks that the god’s fate is not what runs a person, a person lives with his own fate.

What do you think? comment down your thoughts.

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